Space to Talk - Psychotherapy

Maria Alexander PG Dip MBACP FPC

Beginning the therapeutic journey is a difficult step for many people, but is also the beginning of a better life for most.

I hope that this web site will help you understand how psychotherapy can benefit you, the counselling process, and enough about my approach that you will want to make contact and start your own journey.

Most come to psychotherapy because something is troubling them. They may have experienced a difficult period in their life, feel unhappy, distressed have problems in their relationship or with substance abuse or simply want to improve the way they feel about themselves. Whatever the nature of these feelings, by talking we can gain an understanding of their cause and then work together to produce a positive change.

I am qualified to offer psychodynamic counselling, which adopts a psychoanalytic approach to uncover the source of unwanted feelings and allow clients to deal with them. We will meet, typically, for an hour each week to talk and explore. This process will continue until you are ready for it to end, which can be from a few weeks to several months, and sometimes longer.

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