Space to Talk - Psychotherapy

Maria Alexander PG Dip MBACP FPC

Depression and Sadness

  • Do you consider yourself depressed?
  • Do you feel sad without really knowing why?
  • Are changes in your life preventing you from feeling happy?
  • Do you feel you have no-one you can talk to?

We all experience periods of sadness in our lives, but sometimes feeling sad can be a symptom of something more, perhaps an unresolved issue from the past or a depressive illness. Life changes can also bring about these feelings, and sometimes it can be difficult to talk about them, even with those you are closest to.

Talking about your feelings with a psychotherapist can help you understand the reasons why you feel sad or depressed, and enable you to cope with those feelings and ultimately resolve them.

I am a psychotherapist with experience working with sadness and depression, and can help you towards a better understanding of yourself which will enable you to lead a happier, more fulfilled life