Space to Talk - Psychotherapy

Maria Alexander PG Dip MBACP FPC

Domestic Violence

  • Are you locked in the cycle of violent abuse in your home?
  • Is it difficult to come to terms with being abused by someone you love?
  • Do you harbour feelings of guilt, humiliation and shame?
  • Do you fear the impact of abuse on other family members?
  • Is the burden of keeping a family secret too much to bear?
  • Did you suffer violent abuse as a child?
  • Are you an abuser who would like to stop?

Through therapy we can examine these issues along with the complexities of family dynamics where violent domestic abuse is concerned. By speaking with a trained professional you need not remain isolated with your guilt and fear.

I am a psychotherapist with experience treating the victims and instigators of domestic violence and can offer a sympathetic ear as well as a way forward to breaking the cycle of abuse.