Space to Talk - Psychotherapy

Maria Alexander PG Dip MBACP FPC

Eating Disorders

An unhealthy relationship with food is symbolic of inner disturbance relating to or indicative of:

  • Family relationships
  • A sense of self
  • Internal and external experience
  • Ritualisation
  • A need to control
  • A desire to create order
  • A defence aganst deep seated fear and anger

Working with an experienced psychotherapist you can be released from your unhealthy relationship with food, learning to feed your body and nurture your self.

By changing your relationship with food you can begin forming healthy relationships with your psychotherapist and others.

Once we allow food to be fuel, we can begin to consider the relationship with the self.

I am a psychotherapist with experience in treating eating disorders and body dysmorphia and can offer a sympathetic ear as well as strategies for change and ways to introduce new habits with regard to food.